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Should I Quit My Job If I’m Working in the Wrong Industry?

You might have realized that you are working in the wrong industry. Perhaps you enjoy the job itself or are ...
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16 Things I Loved About Studying in Germany

Are you thinking about studying in Germany but haven't made up your mind yet? There are many great things about ...
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Do You Really Need a Second Bachelor’s Degree?

If you're reading this, you might be thinking about getting a second bachelor's degree. Perhaps you think that it may ...
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3 Keys to Setting Motivating Goals – For People Who Lost Trust in Goal Setting

Each year I go through the cycle of setting goals. I achieve some, I fall short of some and mysteriously ...
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Start Any Personal Project by Answering These 7 Questions

Start Any Personal Project by Answering These 7 Questions If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got several goals lined ...
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6 Ways to Get Promoted – The Full Scope

There are people I know who seem stuck in the same position doing the same job for 10 years or ...
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